This is the really sad bit, the mini travelogues. Just the interesting places where I had a camera to hand. And then, only for the last 10 years or so - older than that, and they become dated - things do change, usually for the better. You're best advised to click the Home button right now, that way you can skip this whole lot - unless you actually want to go to these places. If you insist on going, you might find the odd bit of useful information here.

These are mainly 'foreign' trips. Many of my 'home' trips are associated with work and I tend not to take a camera - nor do I explore, beyond finding a decent hotel, pub, restaurant, etc.

As noted elsewhere, I take a cynical view of things, so the views expressed here are mine and mine alone. If they don't actually agree with the official words, then, I'm sorry - this is how I found the place, what I thought of it and how it suited my needs. Also included are my rude remarks about the British airports I use. So for a highly biased tour of the 'London' airports, go to the bottom of the menu.

Just in case anyone thinks I've not had a holiday since 2002, not true, I just haven't had the time to write them up. They are still 'Under Construction' I do these as and when I get round to it - which use to be not often. Now, seeing I'm a man of leisure for a while, I've had a go at a couple of the old ones already, and I'll see if I can finish the rest over the next few months. If there's one of these you desperately want to know about - drop me a line. 

Note, many of the photos here have larger images behind them. Just click on the image and a larger version may be downloaded. Be warned tho' some of these images are quite large. Also, they are straight image downloads, to get back to the originating page, use the Back button on your browser.

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