Are you sure you've found the right Dave Hunt? It's quite a common name - I'm the one who lives in the UK, in a place called Harrow, that's a bit north west of London. Resemblance to any other Dave Hunt is either purely coincidental or a severe accident - or something to do with heredity. Any opinions expressed by this Dave Hunt are solely his own - or works of fiction - or vice versa!

It's possible you've found this site via another route. In which case G6MFR is the radio amateur guise for Dave Hunt. Although I don't spend much time on air these days, you might find me lurking on the London 2 metre or 70 cms repeaters

There's this rumour that I'm well into middle age. That's PC speak for 'Getting on a bit', or 'Almost past it'. It's a lie, at sixty something I was past it years ago. Geriatric is more like it, but if I hear you say it I'll beat you to a pulp with my walking stick.

What I notice as I get older is I'm getting more reactionary, cantankerous and cynical by the day. (Also, from the above, perhaps a little confused?) So, dear reader - you have been warned - with that in mind, you may enter herein - enjoy!

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