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Dave Hunt at WorkNow photos of the Hunt character are rather rare, in fact virtually all that exist are somewhere in these pages. So, if you're still not sure I'm the one you want, look at the rarity on the right. Happy? No? Oh, shame! Just in case you're thinking the bars are there to keep me in, "Good idea", I hear you say;  you're wrong, the photo was taken when I was working in St. Albans and the bars were intended to stop the less social elements of the area borrowing our computers without asking.

Ok, so now you've found me and you think I'm the one you want. Welcome to another boring set of personal WEB pages. For the terminally curious, there's a brief biography, a bit about where I'm from, where I live, where I've been, what I do, and, perhaps, other interesting things I've picked up along the way. You know the sort of things, contagious diseases, nasty yucky bits that stick to your

shoes, second hand bubble gum - you name it, I've picked it up. If you get beyond the second paragraph of the Habitat page, you'll realise that I'm something of a cynic. Particularly when it comes to things foist upon us in the name of the 'Greater Good'. My first reaction is 'Who's on the make' and secondly, 'Why aren't I getting any of it.'.

So, there's not a lot more to say. You've found me, you're still here, you've been warned, so how about just getting on with it. Press the buttons on the left and all will be revealed.

By the way, there's some pictures scattered about. If you click on them, most will fetch a  higher res. version. Some of these images are big, so may take time to download. Use the back button to return to the narrative.

Page updated: 26/11/10.