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Once upon a time (almost 10 years ago) this was the technical page, where I explained why these pages were devoid of gimmicks like Flash and Front Page extensions and where I had a whinge about contemporary web page designers.

Not any more, my justifications for most of the whinges were speed, or at least lack of. Many WEB designers had forgotten, or perhaps not realised that while they usually had all the latest toys and high speed networks, most users were confined to a snails pace by telephone dial-up and real primitive transmission speeds. The result was that many designers wrote 'bloatware', whilst most 

of the users were doomed to waiting for ages for the pages to load. It still happens, but these days Broadband Internet is available at modest prices, so the users can at least download bloated pages at a decent speed.

In those days, I tried to practise what I preached, but I wasn't very good at it. These days I've been known to use the flashy stuff myself, so I no longer have grounds to complain.

Overall, over the last 10 years has been gradual improvement. Transmission speeds and the quantity of data are now 10 to 20 times what they were for the same money. But as usual, simple pages are no longer simple, so a lot of the advantage is lost. 

 Page updated: 01/02/07.