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It is believed that this specimen first appeared on Earth as much as 65 years ago, if not a bit earlier, and although its original habitat was Wembley, it migrated, at an early age, the huge distance of 6 miles to Harrow, Middlesex, where it has spent most of its life.

Having been educated in Harrow, it graduated to various Technical Colleges (as they were known then) in the vicinity, where it studied electronics, and was awarded papers of recognition on completion of its sojourn there.

Working initially in its chosen field on instrumentation and mysterious 'Military Thingies', it soon decided that meeting people was much more to its liking and there followed employment for a number of years as the technical animal behind retail fronts in the Tottenham Court Road and Edgware Road areas. That is, until another of the species foolishly introduced it to a microprocessor. This introduction, more than 35 years ago, had a disastrous affect on the animal, as it was soon hooked, having discovered that its background in electronics was just what was required, to design, build, program, explain and teach others about these wondrous slices of silicon.  Does anyone remember the Nascom and Gemini computers that were so popular in the UK and Europe during the mid 70's and early 80's?

Proceeding on these lines for a number of years - to the dismay of its mate and off-spring, it was approached by others to form a Company devoted to the electronic management of documents and went on to design, and with other like animals, to program the first system for this function written in the UK. And so success was achieved until, as happens to all, extinction struck the animal with the money and the Company was sold. Not dismayed it approached other like Companies and was soon re-engaged in its old area of expertise.

For about 9 years, the Hunt animal had been engaged in teaching the Americans how Document Management should work and with a  small team working from St. Albans, has designed and built a large EDM system, which is US wide and based at two sites in the US.Dave Hunt Photo

In 2010 it started drawing its pension and declared itself 'sort of retired' before taking up a part time job working for an old colleague doing almost exactly what it had just retired from.

A shy and retiring animal, it has rarely been photographed, always taking great care to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. This recent, but rare study shows the creature on one of its trips to foreign parts, where it is trying to make itself inconspicuous by wearing a baseball cap.

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