A Mysterious Thingy??

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As mentioned elsewhere, photographs of the Hunt species are very rare. These photos, carefully excavated from a cardboard box in the garage and then meticulously conserved using a scanner, have been carbon dated and found to be over 40 years old!! They appear to show a very young beast demonstrating a very peculiar (and, yes it was real) thingy. The guys loading the truck in the background of photo 2 mistook it for a ray gun - after a window it was pointing at mysteriously broke. They dived under the truck for safety and didn't come out until the Hunt creature had gone.

Any guesses what it is?




A strange Thingy - this one wasn't military (as if I'd post such a thing), it was a very special kind of ultrasonic microphone for detecting coronal discharge around power pylon insulators. The telescopic site could spot a duff pylon at a one and a half kilometres, and a duff insulator at 100 metres. TopTrouble was, the CEGB found that one man with a good ear and a Landrover was cheaper than a helicopter - not to mention the additional cost when the chopper got caught up in the power cables - messy!!