What? No Automatic eMail Address?


Over the last two or three years, this site has had an automatic 'MailTo' address pointing to a Hotmail account. During that time, the amount of SPAM received has risen from virtually nil to about 60 a day. Now you could say, "Silly me for using Hotmail", but the amount of SPAM to another Hotmail account of mine has not risen by anything like as much. So as this was the only place the email address was published, I get this picture of thousands of Web-Bots searching through millions of pages for email addresses of people to annoy - and one found me!

Get your teeth round this one Web-Bot. Unless you're equipped with OCR, you won't find any email addresses now. And I've gone away from the Hotmail address. With improved spam filters and automatic black and white lists, very little spam gets through these days (although something like 300 a day gets chucked out). So lets go for one which is specific, and will alert me when anything turns up.

So, dear reader, if you want to get in touch you'll need to click on the address below, that'll open your email client and then you type in this address:

HomePage updated: 31/01/07.